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‘Proof of Concept’ is the best possible way to start your ideas when you just have a wish list or an initial vision. Our team of Business Analysts and Solution Architects will work with you to build quick mockups that you can navigate to finalize the idea you have in mind in the form of functionalities that may be incomplete. As part of our proof of concept development services we also help you in crystallizing your product or application concept.

Mockups are then passed on to the software engineering team to implement the mockups into a proof of concept application which can prove to be a critical piece of application providing a navigational experience.

The most important element of a Proof of Concept application development is the rapid pace at which team can turnaround the POC. Having worked with many startups, we know the importance of POC and works towards building quickest POC possible using best of agile development methodology.


After Proof of Concept Design, we advise you to create a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) first. Ecotech’s minimum viable product development services allows clients to build bare minimum software features and functionalities with faster development period.

Minimum Viable Product usually consists of the minimum set of features that you want to build for your product which would be sufficient for clients to approach their target audience. Deciding the features of Minimum Viable Product is more of a tactical decision to start with, but without losing the foresight of future possibilities.

This allows the end-users to start using the features within a short period of time. Shorter period ensure that users can start using the product and you can be rest assured that your concept will grow as you get more inputs. This strategy has helped our clients succeed in the market even with a limited budget to start with, where every dollar spent is extremely important.

An idea is amazing only when you provide an ease of usage, along with high accessibility and interaction. Creating a visually appealing design is often a context driven approach and varies from one context to another, as it is a known fact that an average internet user makes an impression within few seconds to come to a conclusion about your service and products.

Our designers will spend the initial time with the idea generators, business analysts and key end-users to know their perspective of what is considered as an appealing design for the application we have been building a variety of startup applications right from ecommerce, web 2.0, analytics to industry specific business solutions. Be it on web, desktops or handheld devices, for each of the case, we have different sets of requirements that are perceived as a best design.