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As a product owner, you have so many different dimensions to think when it comes to launching your first product in market like pricing, competition, value generation. Moreover when the market place is flooded with similar concepts, it is important that you think what your end users will be liking and how the product is going to reduce their problems if it is not completely eliminating the problems.


Ecotech with its years of experience in marshaling products towards your visions, we simply work with you and your team to ensure that your vision is accepted in the market.

Since every product is different in its way and needs, as a product owner one should spend more time in conceptualizing a business plan that is accepted and we work with you to provide all technology and consulting support that you need in shaping your vision into reality. We do it in an Agile way ensuring flexibilities in execution.

We have ODC’s set up in our Pune office for various product companies across the globe and have played a vital techno-consulting role in the products success since years.

The team members in the ODC are not only technical specialist but also understands the business side (functional) of the product.