Looking for a successful career in Ecotech?
Check out what we look for…

  • Out of the box thinking
  • Clarity in Expression of thoughts, not just good communication in English
  • Mean what you put in your resume
  • Good communication skills
  • Team player
  • Self starter
  • Burning desire to excel and grow

At Ecotech, we offer…

  • T- shaped competencies: exposure to a variety of related areas while specializing in specific set of skills with global exposure to best business practices.
  • Individual’s aspirations to grow in alignment with the corporate goals
  • Ecotech offers you one of the best environments for career development and progression with freedom to choose your career path, with the organization right behind your every effort.
  • We offer sponsorships of the course fees to encourage our employees to study and excel and to pursue higher positions

As a leader, we choose the values and the ethics that are most important, the values and ethics we believe in and that define an individual’s character. Then live them visibly every day at work. Living with values is one of the most powerful tools to help one lead and influence others. We believe in

  • Responsibility
  • Dedication
  • Innovativeness
  • Team work
  • Quality
  • Excellence
  • Accountability
  • Flexibility
  • Efficiency


Ecotech is a people-oriented and employee-friendly company since we truly believe that happy and energized employees are the key to our success and if people have fun doing what they do, they tend to do it even better.

You would love to work @ ECOTECH

We offer a global work culture and provide opportunities for constant learning and growth by offering freedom to choose their own career path.

Our work culture is driven by the philosophy that in a nurturing and motivating environment, given the right opportunity and freedom to work, everyone performs.

We are like a family, here everyone is treated with equal respect regardless of the designation and encouraged to express their opinions, ideas and feedback which is key to keep them happy and which helps Ecotech to deliver outstanding results on a consistent basis.

We believe in providing equal opportunity and career advancement to all individuals.

Our people are our greatest assets. We ensure that excellence and initiative never goes unrecognized. We believe that rewarding provides recognition and motivation to high performers.

Ecotech believes in Culture of Transparency that is open, transparent and frequent communication with employees on both good and bad news fosters trust and goes a long way in building employee loyalty.


Voice of Ecotechians

My experience working with Ecotech was really good. Ecotech is a company where individuals are respected, valued and cheered in their success. It is a place to find baseline happiness in each and every day. I was very lucky to have good people around me.

I wish Ecotech grand success in the future.

– Chinmay Yeole

“Ecotech has laid foundation to get my rest of life in gear. I am really fortunate to be part of Ecotech. It is an organization where employees are respected as a “Valuable Resource”. This is the place where new ideas are always welcomed. Ecotech has given me great learning curve. Ecotech has helped me to grow professionally as well as personally.”

Thanks a lot for this opportunity.

– Swapnil Khot

Ecotech’s support in all aspects has been one of the most wonderful things. In my two and a half year of journey with Ecotech, I have never felt any work load till date because of no work pressure from the Managers and also the projects being well managed. People at Ecotech are very supportive, helpful and friendly. Working in such an environment has been a pleasure for me.

Working with Ecotech is like you are working with your dream company.

– Venkatesh Mummana

“First things are first” and I feel that they are always special. Ecotech is my first workplace and will always be very special for me in my life. Ecotech has groomed my personality from a college student to an IT professional!

I got an opportunity to be a part of different business processes and projects for different clients, and enjoyed the various in-house events and activities organized at Ecotech.
I feel happy being a part of Ecotech family!

– Sneha Shirodkar

A company where cocoon learns to fly and becomes butterfly, a company where one learns to paddle the cycle and flies the plane. Average becomes excellent, excellent becomes outstanding. Ecotech knows difference between bossing and leading; and Ecotech LEADS.

Ecotech played a vital role in my career enhancement by giving me Healthy and professional environment, Good rules and policies, Fourth dimensions given to employee’s development and ultimately of company.

– Megha Dupare

Working with Ecotech is defined by respect of the individual, relaxed, cheerful and stress-free atmosphere, warmth, cooperation and team spirit. I always feel welcome at Ecotech and get encouragement and support for my efforts and my contribution gets due recognition. I feel empowered and know that there are great opportunities for progress and development, which is what every employee hopes for in their career.

– Chitra Menon

I am quite happy to be a part of the ecotech family. It has been a beautiful journey where i got a chance to hone my skills to a large extent. Workplace atmosphere is such where I can continuously learn new things and improve my skills.
People in ecotech are very cooperative, supportive, open to communication and everybody works hard and help each other to succeed as a team. Employees are respected for new ideas and good work & knowledge is always appreciated here. The work environment is quite enjoyable here.

– Arzoo Shaikh

My heart still echoes for Ecotech and my colleagues out there. I have preserved all beautiful memories with me to cherish lifelong.

– Rajan Gupta

Ecotech – a company where employees are valued and respected. It really feels great to be a part of Ecotech family where you actually get nurtured not only in terms of your career but as a person too.

Open communication channels, support from top management and cheerful atmosphere has made my journey beautiful. The good thing is, apart from hectic work schedule, we have fun, celebrations and entertainment. I look forward being a part of this family.

– Radharani Takalkar

Everyday Ecotech is taking moving towards a successful organization. It was an infant became a toddler then a child and now it is adolescent. And this could be the best phase in someones life cycle coz its full of life, motivation, enthusiasm and spark of doing something different. So obviously everyone associated with this organization have this young spark in them to do something different and great and people who have left still associated with them and eager to know what is happening there…Its nothing but just a belongingness the leadership had inculcated in people there. Believe me guys there is lots to learn in this small, growing organization not just professionally but you also develop your personal and social skills …You tell people that you need help and people are there for you. Very friendly organization where you can walk in anyone’s door .Here you learn to crawl and walk and finally the day comes when u run.

– Nidhi Ruperee

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Gifts & Cards Vendor – NGO’s
“A small act of kindness can bring big smile on someone’s face”
Contributing to the NGO’s through buying their products for events – EcoFriVent Every month’s recreational activity.

Blood Donation Camp with Dinanath Mangeshkar Blood Bank
The Blood Donation Campaign conducted at Ecotech, had many Ecotechians participating for the cause. The entire exercise of donating BLOOD made many realise that ‘One doesn’t have to be a doctor to save lives… Donating Blood also does’.

This sure makes us believe in ‘What Goes Around… Comes Around’


Corporate Cricket Tournament
Cricket for Concern
Ecotech participated in a corporate cricket tournament, which was in aid of “Concern India Foundation”. The proceeds of this match were donated to the NGO

Clothes Donation Camp – Organized Every Year
Ecotechians very diligently clear their wardrobe of things they do not use any more and donate to the cause of CHARITY.

This Clothes Donation campaign was organized with the help of an NGO to ensure that only the needy and underprivileged are benefitted.

The Joy of GIVING was the essence of this activity.

“No Vehicle day”
A “No Vehicle day” was organised, where employees came to office by taking a lift, using public transport, or on bicycle, which otherwise they would use their own vehicle.

This was Ecotech’s contribution towards envisioning an eco-friendly society.