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The Need for extended IT team:

  • Rapid / Dynamic Business changes/ needs
  • Statutory / Regulatory Changes
  • Technical help for short- or long-term project-based assignments
  • Manage rapid growth


Our Solutions

  • ECOTECH Team provides the IT contract resources you need to implement crucial projects, handle short-term assignments, or to fulfill long-term projects. Our staffing services free you from the challenges of finding, recruiting, training and retaining high-quality professional staff, and allow you to focus on managing your business growth.
  • We provide the ongoing skill development to ensure that professionals placed at your site are trained in leading technologies to support your information technology hardware, software. Augment your staff for short- or long-term engagements, or for specialized expertise on specific projects.
  • We have more than 10 years of industry knowledge and technical expertise, and provide you with superior candidates precisely matched to your technical and professional environment.
  • ECOTECH delivers highly trained professionals on a contract basis to support your information technology needs.


  • Jump-start business projects and processes with infusion of trained staff.
    • Gain immediate focus on high-priority projects
    • Enable internal team to manage core business activities
    • Access advanced technical skills without a permanent investment in staff
  • Eliminate burden of finding, recruiting, training, and retaining staff.
    • Recruiters skilled in finding superior candidates
    • Ecotech invests in all ongoing training & certification
    • Candidates matched to your specific environment
    • Immediate access to the IT and professional skills you need
  • Save money by contracting with professionals for specified length of time.
    • Hire only for the length of time you need
    • Gain flexibility in extending contracts as required
    • Leverage long-term resources to reduce training and retention
    • Augment staff with short term resources or for specific projects
  • Immediately access technology expertise without continual retraining.
    • Accelerate high-priority projects with highly trained experts without committing to long-term investment
    • Augment your internal team to ramp up or speed delivery of specific projects. Flexibility to cover busy seasons and staff shortages
    • Bypass lengthy recruiting and training cycles and quickly access the staff you need