Rapid Application Development

Ready Frameworks for Rapid Development

  • Enterprise applications migration from Lotus to SharePoint/.NET/Office 365
  • Program management dashboard for leadership teams
  • Data exchange across applications (SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, Legacy apps.)
  • E-Learning /knowledge management
  • HR management
  • Industrial business through dealers/channel
  • Enterprise travel and expense management
  • Compliances management
  • Document management system
  • Event management solutions
  • Institutional sales system
  • Multi-lingual enterprise portal and collaboration solutions

Organizations invest their resources with an aim to capitalize on the opportunities presented by the market. To gain or maintain competitive advantage, it is imperative that companies move swiftly and put out a product to ward off competition while strengthening the product itself, iteratively, with new features and technology. Ecotech has more than 15 years of experience in rapid application development across sectors such as Healthcare, Manufacturing, Engineering, Pharma, Chemical, etc. If you are looking to address a unique market opportunity or create one yourself, we can help.

Cautions We Take

  • We understand that the success of an RAD initiative is predicated on people (internal employees and/or users) accepting the new offering. Thus we are always cognizant of the human element involved in an RAD project.
  • Once the roadmap is decided, we prioritize incremental, high quality deliveries over spending months to develop a “perfect” product.
  • It’s important not to miss the wood for the trees. We ensure that the larger picture in terms of time, budget constraints, market opportunities etc. are not lost while developing the product on a day to day basis.

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