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On the surface, it seems that putting an offshore product development team in place, may be an exercise in futility due to the pandemic. More teams are working remotely from around the world than ever before. Why then the need for an Offshore Team?

The answer lies in the simple fact that great teams are not a function of physical proximity, but of culture, cohesion and working towards a unified vision.

In our decades of experience as a services company, we’ve learned the secret sauce of putting winning teams together for ourselves and our clients. Some of the ingredients are mentioned above. Few others include:

  • A responsible Project Manager/Scrum Master
  • Robust communication channels
  • Hiring for the mindset and not just the skillsets
  • Creating and leveraging systems
  • Exhaustive planning combined with brisk, phased, execution
  • Empowered frontline employees
  • A strong feedback system

In the past, we have set up ODCs in our Pune office for various product companies across the globe and have played a vital techno-consulting role in our clients’ success over the years.

We put together teams that are not only technical specialist but also understands the business side (functional) of the product.

You set the vision. You set your priorities. We help you with the product roadmap and ensuring a great team delivers beyond your expectations.

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