Interoperability Solutions Advantages

System Integration is a massive digital and cultural transformation. Although recommended, a system integration initiative takes a few months of work and observation to get right. Meanwhile, Ecotech offers interoperability solutions for customers to quickly start harnessing the power of their existing systems.

Legacy software tend to create few issues for the growth of an organization. Namely:

  • A team is needed to work on those legacy software. Thus you are not able to upskill them to state of the art software and technologies.
  • Legacy software generally work in silos. This requires teams to work in silos. The software do not speak with one another; nor the teams, this leads to delays, dysfunctions and overall a suboptimal performance across the organization.
  • Critical insights are lost due to systems and people working in silos.

The Solution: Ecotech provides you with a common dashboard that “speaks” with all the systems being used across your organization. The dashboards are built in a way that they not only capture data across platforms and software, but also present it in a way that it becomes easy for you to draw insights from information.

Bidgate Dashboard
Miwas Dashboard
Weiss Dashboard
SKF Customer Portal

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