Every business has certain aspects to them that are critical yet repetitive. Order related queries in e-commerce companies, patient registration at hospitals, sensor data collection at factories are all processes that are important, yet, could be easily automated. This saves you operational costs not only in terms of reduced Human Resource requirement, but also in terms of reduced time that people spend performing these processes.  Robotic Process Automation or RPA is a methodology that helps with this.

RPA is the process of automating repetitive tasks performed by frontline Human Resources. This helps on multiple fronts such as:

  • It takes human fatigue out of the equation thus increasing systemic efficiency.
  • Reduced cases of human error.
  • Significantly reduced human-to-human interaction time in B2C businesses such as E-commerce, thus improving operational efficiency.
  • The Human Resource thus freed up could be upskilled for higher value tasks to be executed across the company.
  • Resources could be deployed to take up organizational Secondary and Tertiary priorities with RPAs helping across multiple primary objectives. Conversely, RPAs could be deployed to address Secondary and Tertiary priorities while Human Resources are deployed with the most bottom-line critical tasks within the company.

Areas where RPA could be deployed:

  • Customer Service
  • Data Collection
  • Decision Making
  • Supply Chain Optimization

Learn how RPA systems could help you optimize your value chain.

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