Ecotech’s response to Covid-19

Welcome to our website. Before you proceed, we wanted to take a moment to have a quick conversation with you. Right at the outset, we hope you and the stakeholders in your life are safe, hale and hearty. We pray that the macro socio-economic situations are not having, and would not have any adverse effect on your personal and professional circumstances.

Clearly the ongoing pandemic is an unprecedented situation for us all and is surely discomforting. However, what gives us hope is that people are quickly adapting to the new normal. Because people are short of time due to household chores and responsibilities towards relationships, they are optimizing their time like never before. For the first time since the Second World War, people are embracing massive change in their day to day lives.

This is critical, as this means it’s an ideal time for you to reshape your corporate culture. It is an ideal time for you to do away with systems and processes that are suboptimal and loss making. It’s a rare moment when your employees would be willing to upskill and adapt to the demands that the situation presents.

Ecotech has been a frontrunner in instituting radical systemic changes for companies worldwide that lead to increased productivity, increased profits and reduced overheads. In such critical times, it would be our pleasure and honour to be of service to you. Our end goal for you being:

  1. Customer and employee retention & satisfaction.
  2. Increased goodwill in the market.
  3. A leaner, faster, more productive and more profitable organization.

During this period, please bear with us for any delayed response. We will continue to provide all possible support and wish you well and look forward to hearing from you.

Team Ecotech